Turner Lab

Postdoctoral positions available to study neural coding in Drosophila

The Turner lab at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is looking for new postdoctoral researchers. CSHL has a highly interactive research community with strengths in both experimental and theoretical neuroscience, and applicants will have many opportunities to work in collaboration, while developing their own independent research program.

What we do: We use a combination of two-photon calcium imaging and whole-cell recordings to investigate neural coding in areas of the fly brain involved in olfactory learning and memory. We combine these techniques with behavioral studies to determine what features of neural activity are relevant for the animal, and how those features are modified by learning.

Who we’re looking for: Talented applicants from any research background will be considered, however we’re especially interested in those with expertise in systems or cellular neuroscience. Candidates should have knowledge of, or motivation to learn, electrophysiology, imaging, MATLAB programming (or equivilent) and computational statistics.

Some recent results from the Lab:

To apply please send your CV, your research interests and three letters of reference to Glenn Turner (turner<@>cshl.edu). Applications will be reviewed until positions are filled.